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A Team of Licensed Customs Brokers & Customs Clearance Agents You Can Trust

$50-Post Customs clearance

$90-Air Freight Customs Clearance

$110-Sea Freight Customs Clearance

                                                No.1        We are the Australia's No.1 best customs clearance rates provider. Post Parcel - $50, Air Freight - $90, Sea Freight - $110 

                                   Low Duty    We are expert in customs duty minimization   

                               8 Hrs      We process your customs clearance within 8 hours without charging you for urgent customs clearance charge

                               11 Yrs      Our licensed customs brokers have more than 11 years of experience in customs clearance

                               12 Hrs     We work 12 hours a day. You can reach to us any time between 8:00am to 8:00pm Mon- Friday

                               30 Mins   You will receive excellent customer service guaranteed, We reply your emails within 30 mins

                               CBFCA     We are proudly member of CBFCA Australia 

At Affordable Air and Sea Freight Services, we aim to give you exactly what our name suggests – top quality help with your customs clearance at a competitive rate. Our professional licensed customs brokers and customs clearance agents are available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and are trained and experienced in providing personalised, proactive services that you can rely on time and time again. We care about you and your business, which is why we do only the best work every time.

Making your customs experience an easy one

Our team of licensed customs brokers and customs clearance agents in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne provide a wide range of air and sea freight services that cover all your importing and exporting needs. We can help you with all manner of freighting and quarantine needs, including eBay and commercial imports clearance.

We also specialise in the shipping of personal effects, a service that we take pride in due to the often sensitive and valued nature of the items. We understand that sending your most treasured possessions across the world can be stressful when you consider the possibility of them getting lost or damaged. We treat your cargo like it’s our own and that’s how we can guarantee your freight to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition.

Your Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane licensed customs broker can also help you with all those overwhelming customs documents as well, a process that can be lengthy and taxing if you don’t have the experience that we do. Allowing us to handle all your documentation requirements while still keeping you in the loop means that you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is being covered in exactly the way it needs to be.

Let our licensed customs brokers and customs clearance agents help you  

We’re proud to be a born and raised Australian company, providing invaluable service at with unbeatable rates for all of our satisfied clients. We know that finding a reasonably priced service that promises to do a good job can be hard, which is why our focus on cost effectiveness without compromising quality has earned us a widely-respected reputation that you’re able to count on..

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service for your freighting needs. From customs clearance to paperwork, the Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney licensed customs broker we assign to you is guaranteed to provide a top-quality service that you can’t find anywhere else.

For more information on our customs clearance services, contact us on 02 8798 4344.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which states of Australia you handle customs clearance?

Affordable Air & Sea Freight Pty Ltd expands Australia wide. We can clear your shipment in all states and territories in Australia.

What types of customs clearance service your organisation provide to customers?

We are handling air freight customs clearance, sea freight customs clearance, parcel post customs clearance,hand carried shipment customs clearance , FCL, LCL, break bulk, bulk, personal effects, E-bay customs clearance / online purchase customs clearance.

How much your customs clearance agency fees?

We are Australia's No.1 best rates provider for customs clearance. We charge $50 for post customs clearance, $90 for air freight customs clearance and $110 for sea freight customs clearance. Please note : For food products, alcohol / wine products, personal effects, unaccompanied goods, imports permits goods rates will be different.

How much do we need to pay customs duty?

Australian customs duty rates are 5%. To calculate customs duty you can take 5% of Value of goods.

How much GST do we need to pay?

GST (Goods & Service Tax) rate is 10%. To calculate GST on your imported goods formula is 10% of ( value of goods + customs duty + freight + insurance )

How long will it take for your company to clear my shipment?

We clear your parcel post customs clearance within 6 hours, air freight customs clearance within 6 hours and sea freight customs clearance within 8 hours from receipt of completed documents and information for us to process your customs import declaration 

How can I can pay my Duty, GST and your agency fees? 

You have many options of payment provided by Affordable Air & Sea Freight Pty Ltd. You can pay by Paypal Or EFT

Is any way can I check  how much customs duty and customs GST amount charged by customs on my shipment?

After your customs clearance processed by our licensed customs broker, we send you Australian customs entry to your email. On that Australian customs entry there will be a details about customs duty , GST calculation. If you need clarification on calculation our friendly customer service staff will go through you and explain all calculation for your understanding. 

How will I know my goods is clear by your company?

After your customs clearance processed by our licensed customs broker, we sent you customs entry. On that customs entry it will be details about customs status. We can also provide you official customs documents " Authority to Deal" 

Who will be delivery my goods after your company complete customs clearance?

When your goods are cleared from customs control, your goods will be delivered to you by us if you have ask us to arrange OR you can arrange your own pick from Port / Airport.